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We do our best to help you get the most from your enterprise.

However, to do so, we must get to know you and your business in detail. Only that way can we be sure that we can customize your accounting and tax issues exactly according to your needs. Precise bookkeeping is a basic for us, but that is definitely not where our cooperation ends.

What our clients appreciate the most about us are the extras that we can provide them with. Whether it’s international taxation, corporate consulting or tax services, our team of specialists is there to help you. We will be your long-term partner that you can always rely on and who will not be afraid to look for solutions where others don’t see them.

We are not afraid to look for unconventional ways.

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Who is MONEUS?

Even though we work as a team that is made up of experts on the issues of accounting, taxes and law, there must always be someone who will lead us and who you, our clients, will meet with regularly. For MONEUS, that person is our executive director Ondřej Málek. His love for taxes naturally emerged from his studies and practice in commercial and tax law and in international trade relations. It was in these seemingly complicated matters that Ondřej found his future journey and the next direction for MONEUS. Thanks to this, we can help your business in areas where others already can’t.

Values that we stand for

Knowledge and experience

We are experts on the issues of accounting and taxes, which we deal with daily for our clients. Apart from the Czech Republic, we also have rich experience in the field of international taxation.

Long-term partnership

We are a long-term partner for our clients who understands their business and needs. That is the only way that we can truly help you.

Looking for new solutions

We fight for our clients until our last breath. We take care of your accounting and taxes as if they were our own and we feel like looking for ways where others do not see the solution.

Precision and discreteness

We are pedantic about diligence and we would rather count every penny twice than make a mistake. Besides, all information is safe like in a vault with us.

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