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We have worked for clients from a wide variety of fields and with companies of various sizes. They came to us with problems that might afflict your business as well. They could no longer handle their bookkeeping themselves. Their previous accountant let them down. They were establishing a new company and they needed to set up their accounting. They were about to go through an unpleasant audit from the revenue service. They wanted to expand abroad and needed advice on how to set their structure so that they wouldn’t pay too much in taxes for nothing. And that’s just a small list from a much larger number of real examples. Whether it was a one-time help or a long-time cooperation, each of these matters was different to some extent. And that’s how we also approached the matter and the client. Individually.

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When I decided to enter the Czech market, it was logical for me to establish a new company here. However, I needed someone who would help me with accounting, taxes and administration. That someone was MONEUS.

Vlado Rajzman, Sensor and IT solutions s.r.o.

Téměř všechnu naší produkci dodáváme do zahraničí. Řešíme dodání plátcům i neplátcům v rámci EU a exporty do zámoří. Moneus je naším klíčovím partnerem v džungli mezinárodniho obchodu a účetnictvý.

Matouš Hloušek

MONEUS helped me at a time when I terminated my business as a natural person and the revenue service commenced an audit.

Šárka Maráková, tourism industry entrepreneur

When I started my business, I was looking for an accountant. When making my pick, I had a hot hand and chose MONEUS

Stanislav Vlček, artisan

MONEUS helped me at a time when our accountant did not suffice anymore.

Alena Martincová, A-LIGHT s.r.o.

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Case study: How we tame the taxes of an exporter to Spain and France

Our client is based in the Czech Republic, buys his goods in the Czech Republic and other EU countries and imports it into Spain, France or China. Apart from that, they also run an international truck haulage. What are all the things that apply to them in terms of international taxation and what do we help them with?

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